Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the retail prices of bikes not listed on the website?

All product specifications are subject to change due to variations of International and US editions. Given that the prices of bikes are substantially different in Asia┬áthan it is in the US, we’ve found it prudent not to post any pricing online. The best way for you to get an idea of the cost of a bike is to call us at the following numbers;

The weight of the bike that I take home isn’t the same as that stated on the website. Why is this so?

Almost all bikes comes in different sizes. A small frame will definitely weigh less than that of a larger frame. Instead of confusing our customers with the issue of weight, we put the average weight of an average sized frame up throughout our website.

Why are some of the specifications of the bikes in the store not the same as those on the website?

The specification listed on the website can change at anytime depending on the availability of parts from the manufacturer. This is why most bike companies and stores reserve the right to change parts without notice. But if you see something on the bike that you really must have let us know and we can work something out.

Are all the bikes in store listed on the website?

We have had a number of questions on this, and the simple answer is no. There are a lot more bikes available in store then what we list on the site, also there are bikes on the website that are available only on order (stock is available in the US). We have one off frames from different manufacturers and even some really good used bikes. Stock of these categories of bikes vary from store to store, so we prefer that you pay us a visit in case you can’t find anything you like on the website.

All bikes listed on the website are still subject to stock availability.

Why should I only buy bicycles / accessories from authorised distributors / dealers?

We advise all consumers to buy their bikes and major bike components from authorised dealers so that they can be protected for warranty and service. We have many unsatisfied customers who have bought from unauthorised dealers and found the products lacking in after-sales maintenance support. Also when dealing with unauthorised dealers, should your bike’s or accessories’ performance is not to your satisfaction, you don’t have a ready course of action to address or remedy the situation. We feel that your bike is an investment, with proper maintenance it will last a lifetime, otherwise the money you spent on it, only for short term use and then having to purchase a new one or facing regular major repairs, just won’t be worth the price.

Also we often have customers that have been to every shop in town to get their bike or accessories repaired or serviced the way they want. They are often told it can’t be fixed, or they are charged more for the repair than the bike or accessories is worth. As an authorised distributor of major brands, you can be sure we know exactly what is wrong with your bike and how best to service it. Your requirements are assessed on an individual basis so your bike or accessories will get the best possible care.

As an authorised distributor, our Service Centre is run by an experienced, capable and highly-trained group of mechanics who are proficient in all manner of bike tune-ups, servicing, repair and maintenance. It is as much science as it is art, to us.



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