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What new technologies come with the all-new Domane SLR?

Front IsoSpeed, adjustable rear IsoSpeed, Domane control center, direct mount brakes, flat mount disc brakes, increased tire clearance, and IsoCore handlebar. We’ll explain each new technology in depth below.

What are the new models of Domane SLR?

Domane SLR 9 eTap, Domane SLR 7 Disc, Domane SLR 7, Domane SLR 6 Disc, Domane SLR 6, and Domane Race Shop Limited (available only through Project One).

How is the new Domane lineup organized?

All Domane models are organized by their frame level and drivetrain build. The frame level is SLR. The number that follows the frame designation represents the drivetrain spec:

  • Domane SLR 6 / 6 Disc – Shimano Ultegra 6800
  • Domane SLR 7 / 7 Disc – Shimano Ultegra Di2
  • Domane SLR 9 – SRAM eTap

For example, on Domane SLR 6, the SLR designates the SLR frame and fork, while the 6 designates the complete Ultegra drivetrain.

Domane SLR with a Shimano Dura-Ace drivetrain will be available through Trek’s Project One program.

Is Domane SLR going to be available in Project One?

Yes. The caliper version of Domane SLR with all-new paint schemes and colors will be available through Project One starting April 4th, 2016.

Has the geometry of Domane changed?

Domane SLR is now available in two race-winning geometries: Endurance Geometry and Pro Endurance Geometry.

  • Endurance Geometry: Stable but still racy, with a higher head tube for better control, handling and responsiveness. Endurance Geometry is perfectly tuned for most riders looking to put in the long miles.
  • Pro Endurance Geometry: A longer wheelbase, lower bottom bracket, and shorter head tube length unite in the Pro Endurance Geometry to maximize stability and handling without sacrificing speed and responsiveness. Perfectly tuned to meet the demands of riders who prefer an aggressive out-front posture and require predictable handling over rough roads.

What is the Domane control center and where is it located on the bike?

The Domane control center is located under the downtube water bottle cage. The control center can house the internal Di2 battery. To access the Domane control center, first take off the bottle cage then simply release the control center bolts.

Is Domane fender compatible?

Yes, Domane SLR, Domane SLR Disc and Domane Race Shop Limited are all fender compatible.

IsoSpeed decoupler

What is front IsoSpeed?

Domane’s front IsoSpeed paired with rear IsoSpeed delivers superior balance for the ultimate smooth ride, so you can ride faster, stronger, and longer.  Front IsoSpeed also increases vertical compliance by 10% in the front of the bike without compromising cornering stiffness.

How does front IsoSpeed work?

Front IsoSpeed decouples the fork steerer tube from the head tube, creating the same cobble-soaking prowess without affecting steering precision.

What is adjustable rear IsoSpeed?

Adjustable rear IsoSpeed allows the rider to adjust vertical compliance based on the terrain, ride style, and rider preference.

How do you adjust the compliance on IsoSpeed and where should I set the IsoSpeed slider?

To adjust compliance on Domane SLR, loosen either the top or bottom water bottle bolt on the seat tube. (Endurance Geometry, size 54cm and smaller: use the top water bottle bolt. Endurance Geometry, size 56cm and larger: use the bottom water bottle bolt. Pro Endurance Geometry: use the bottom bolt for all sizes.)  Note that the bolt is slightly larger than a standard water bottle bolt. Where you set the adjustable rear IsoSpeed slider depends on your compliance preference. The all-new Domane SLR offers both more and less compliance than the first generation Domane, based on where the slider is positioned. Adjust the slider up or down based on your riding preference, the type of terrain being ridden, and the desired amount of compliance. The higher the slider, the less compliant the ride. The lower the slider, the more compliant the ride. At its lowest setting, with the slider closest to the bottom bracket, Domane SLR delivers a 14% increase in rear compliance, giving you more control and stability over rough terrain.

All-new IsoSpeed fork

The all-new lightweight full carbon IsoSpeed fork with ride-tuned sweep and unique dropout placement provides 7% more compliance than a traditional road fork.
Disc brakes

Are there Disc brake versions of Domane?

Yes, Domane SLR 7 Disc and Domane SLR 6 Disc are equipped with disc brakes.

What’s the advantage of disc brakes on road bikes?

Disc brakes offer more consistent braking across all weather conditions. They offer greater stopping power, more control, and better modulation than standard caliper brakes. Disc brakes also allow for additional tire clearance for larger tires meant for tackling more varied terrain.

What are the advantages of thru axles on road bikes?

Thru axles reduce flex and significantly stiffen the frame/wheel interface for greater steering precision and better cornering. Thru axles also ensure the wheel is placed precisely in the dropout each time it is installed. This helps eliminate disc rotor rub caused by improper installation.

What is new about the disc brakes?

Domane SLR Disc features all-new flat mount disc brakes. Flat mount disc brakes are smaller and lighter than traditional post mount disc brakes, providing a cleaner look with the same superior stopping power and precision braking.

What is the front and rear dropout spacing for Domane Disc?

Domane SLR Disc features a front and rear 12mm thru axle. 12mm x 100mm on the front and 12mm x 142mm in the rear.

What caliper brakes come on the Domane SLR?

Domane SLR features Bontrager Speed Stop direct mount caliper brakes. These caliper brakes offer increased clearance for tires up to 28c wide.

What is the benefit of thru axles on Domane SLR Disc?

12mm thru axles borrow the concept from MTB. Thru axles improve wheel stiffness, reduce rotor rub, and ensure the rotor/caliper alignment is consistent when the wheels are taken on and off.

What is the maximum tire you can run on Domane SLR and Domane SLR Disc?

The all-new Domane SLR provides even more versatility with increased tire clearance. You can now run a 28c tire on Domane and a 32c tire on Domane Disc while still meeting CPSC and ISO clearance standards.

IsoCore handlebar

What is the story about the all-new IsoCore handlebar?

The all-new IsoCore handlebar significantly improves damping of high-frequency vibrations. IsoCore has a continuous inner layer within OCLV Carbon that increases vibration dampening 20% over standard carbon handlebars and 24% over standard aluminum bars.

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