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The remedy to all your bike's ailments

At Treknology Bikes 3, you will enjoy the facilities of our modern and spacious Service and Resource Centre at our Mega Showroom (our largest service centre) and all our stores as well.

Each is fully equipped with the latest tools to help assess and fix any problem you might have with your bike. Our Service Centres are run by an experienced, capable and highly-trained group of mechanics who are proficient in all manner of bike tune-ups, servicing, repair and maintenance. It is as much science as art to us.

We often have customers that have been to every shop in town to get their bike repaired or serviced the way they want. They are often told it can't be fixed, or they are charged more for the repair than the bike is worth. As an authorised distributor of major brands, you can be sure we know exactly what is wrong with your bike and how best to service it. Your requirements are assessed on an individual basis so your bike will get the best possible care.

We do provide on the spot tune-ups, overhauls and repairs if necessary. Why be without your bike if you don't have to? Personalised service means you get what you want and what your bike really needs.

We are a full service road bike and mountain bike store in Singapore.

Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

We are recognized throughout the region for our proven expertise in bicycle fitting.

There are those who insist that you can be fitted with a few skeletal measurements, detailed questionnaires and inputting data into a formula-based computer program. Establishing these things is helpful and can deliver a "ballpark" fit, but it does not assure a perfect result. It does not guarantee you are getting your money’s worth.

Those fit systems would work great if we were just fitting a skeleton on a bike. But we’re not — we're fitting your body. Building a proper position takes into consideration not only your skeletal dimensions, but your muscles, tendons and ligaments in their current state of flexibility, strength and mobility.

Our techniques are based on biomechanical assessments that have been developed to address the specific needs of cyclists and triathletes. Physical therapists, aerodynamicists, medical doctors, exercise kinesiologists, chiropractors and structural engineers are just a few people that are continually involved the development of our fitting protocols.

Our fit protocols focus on optimizing the following key components:

Power Output
Aerodynamics (when applicable)

Services Available

Existing Bike Fit:
Designed to enhance performance and comfort as best as possible on your existing bike. This fit starts with a detailed personal interview followed by comprehensive assessments of your biomechanics, range of motion/flexibility in key cycling muscle groups, core stability and alignment needs. You will receive a worksheet, documenting your position, that can be used to set up any bike.

Time needed: 1.5 to 2.5 hours

New Bike Fit:
The best first step if you are searching for a new bike. This fitting includes all that is listed in an Existing Bike Fit as well as an individualized product consultation with recommendations for proper setup. You will receive all the dimensions and component sizes needed to have a stock bike set-up to your position.

Time needed: 2 to 3 hours.

Performance Analysis Fit:
Designed for the athlete who wants to optimize performance and efficiency; this is our most complete fit. Performance Analysis includes all that is in the other fit levels and goes farther to optimize your position. We use the Compu-Trainer system to measure power output and spin in detail while optimizing your aerodynamics. The average speed increase gained is greater than what a pair of aero wheels offers at about a third of the price. 

Time needed: 3 to 4 hours.

General Fit Services:
We are happy to address any fit issue (pain, numbness, etc.) that you would like us to address.

Service Package

Service Package

For your convenience, choose one of our service packages below to ensure a proper repair and best value. 


Tune Up & Clean Up Plus

Frame and fork detail cleaning
Wheels trued and tension balanced
Grease and repack all major bearing systems

  • Front and rear hubs
  • Headset
  • Bottom bracket
  • Shift and brake cables as needed
  • Wheel system bearings
  • Overhaul derailleur pulleys

We recommend replacing cables, housing or chain and cassette if needed

* Free Installation Of All Parts And Accessories

Tune Up

Brake and shifting adjustments
Safety inspection
Minor wheel truing
Service any loose bearings on:

  • Front and rear hubs
  • Headset
  • Bottom bracket

Lubrication of the following:

  • Cables and other pivot points
  • Chain and freewheel

* Free Installation Of All Parts And Accessories

Tune Up & Clean Up

Tune Up Plus

Full drive train disassembly and detail clean
Lubrication and maintenance on drive train
Thorough cleaning of frame, fork and drive train components
We recommend replacing cables, housing or chain and cassette if needed

* Free Installation Of All Parts And Accessories


Check with us for rates.